Using has endless benefits, besides being one of the most important and revolutionary means of communication it can also entertain us with various features. Find out more on one of the largest webmail service in the world that rivals the other great companies as Hotmail and Gmail.

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Yahoo Mail Guide

 Benefiting of the chance of having a Yahoo Mail account is more than the main means to send messages to our friends, family as well as business partners. Instead it will grant us with additional features as the opportunity to store information as well as enrich our contact lists as well as chatting. These all contribute to the success of this web-based e-mail service which managed to recruit millions of fans all over the world especially with the new version of Yahoo Mail launched in 2007. Due to the free quality as well as the easy conditions to set up an account the site succeeded in convincing people that this is indeed the future of communication. Those who would like to make the first step towards engaging into the service of Yahoo Mail will be furnished with various tutorials. However it seems that the register page gives no additional headaches as it is clearly and neatly formulated for everyone. These various phases would illustrate how to share attachments, send simple messages and decipher the extra-services of the website.


Profile and Contact List

  • It is also important to set your profile with additional features as well as more importantly your contact list. This will allow you to send messages from Yahoo Mail without any problem. Before you would actually send your first email it is important to look through the various boxes and messages that appear and are eager to ease your job. The tutorials offered by the website will offer you the chance to complete your contact list and save the additional names throughout time. Entering the contact information as well as changing the names and details when the addresses altered is important in order to secure the proper handling of messages.



    Send Emails

  • After you signed in you'll spot the actual page that would lead you through the most important services of In this case it is wise to take a look at the upper section and click on the “New” box that would allow you to compose a new message and send it to the one you wish to share your message or attachments with.
  • Further proceeding to the “E-mail Message” will open you a brand new page that guides you through the formulation of your message. Complete the empty boxes with the contact information, you have the chance to include more addresses that should be distinguished with a comma. The “Subject” box requires a short title or a few words of the theme of your message.

  • As it is illustrated in the new page, the empty and largest box will host your message. Format your sentences with the help of additional features in the upper bar of the compose box. Choose font style and size as well as you'll have the chance to add some emoticons too that perk up the appearance of your letter and also add a funny twist to your message. After you finished your message it is also highly recommended to read through it again or use the additional “Spelling” feature that would check your eventual mistakes.

  • In order to send your message look for the “Send” button that would transmit your letter to the chosen contact. Moreover you'll also be granted with a confirmation message showing that the emial was sent with success. Those who might not finish their letter at once can also choose the “Save Draft” option that would preserve their message in the “Draft” folder in a spotless quality. These messages can be later completed and sent.

    Email Receiving

  • Receiving an e-mail is just as fun as sending one.Clicking on the “Inbox” box you'll be offered with the list of the read and unread messages, the ones that were not yet read would appear highlighted in black. This way you'll be able to distinguish them from the ones you've seen earlier on.

  • The list presents the title with the contact address from which you received the message as well as subject and exact date as well as the size of the message. Click on the message in order to read it,this time you'll be offered with other services and features that grant you with the chance to immediately “Reply”, “Delete”, “Print” as well as “Forward”, “Move” and “Spam” the message.

  • Additional Features

  • Additionally you'll have the chance to attach various folders and files. When composing the message you'll be offered with a box to add attachments and share your information as well as presentations, images and even complete books with your friends and contacts.

  • Message archiving is also important if you would like to set an order for your multitude of messages. This way create a folder with the “Add” button close to the “My Folders” icon. Add a new title and drag the emails into this tiny box in order to ease the finding of your messages.

  • Chatting is also fun with Yahoo Mail especially since you already have your detailed contact list and can invite your friends to use this feature with great confidence. The website will show you who is online in order to invite him/her into a discussion. Moreover you can also send text messages to the mobile phone of one of your contacts. All you have to do is type your message and the number in separate boxes in the requested pattern.
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